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Tahiti Lime

The Lima Tahiti tree is moderately vigorous, with almost no large spines and hanging branches. The fruit is oval, elliptically short, the apex is rounded with a small nipple, free of seeds.


Highly juicy selected Tahiti limes with the best color, acidity, seed-free and ideal calibers to satisfy the most demanding markets in the world. We have GLOBAL GAP Certification.

Casablanca Project

Our project, in agreement with GORESAM, allows our agricultural partners in the area to participate in the productive chain of high profitability with sustainability. Replacing the current unprofitable crops.

- Tahiti Lime -

The Tahiti Lime tree is moderately vigorous, medium to large, grows up to 15 or 20 feet (4.5 m-6 m), almost without large spines and hanging branches. The leaves are wide lanceolate, with winged petioles; Young shoots are purple. The flowers are produced most of the year, but especially in January and August, lightly dyed purple.

The fruit is oval, oblong or short elliptical, usually rounded at the base or ribbed with a short neck, the apex is rounded with a small nipple, 4 cm to 6.5 cm wide and 2 to 3 inches (5 -8.5 cm) tall.

It is bright green until they ripen, when the skin becomes pale, soft, thin yellow, clinging tightly, the pulp is light yellowish green when ripe, in 10 segments, tender, acidic, but without the characteristic aroma of Mexican lemon (subtle), usually seedless, rarely with one or a few seeds, especially if planted among other citrus species. The flowers of Tahiti Lime have no viable pollen.

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Expoalimentaria 2019

Agroforestales Casablanca S.A.C. He will be present with his star product Tahiti Lime at the Expoalimentaria Fair 2019, an event that takes place from September 25 to 27, in our Peruvian capital. (more…)

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