• From the jungle to the world

From the jungle to the world

We have the best fruit, selected files with the best color, acidity and calibers ideal to satisfy the most demanding markets in the world.
  • Limes with the best pigment, with a balanced nutritional management of nitrogen, magnesium, iron; but in addition to the aforementioned, cultural work is carried out, which is manual thinning of leaves, in all fruits that are covered by leaves and are not exposed to sunlight to increase the formation of chlorophyll.
  • Optimum degree of acidity of 5.57%, this being the optimum value for this variety, which is achieved with proper management of irrigation and nutrition.
  • Seed free, because it is a citrus fruit that belongs to parthenocarpic fruits.
  • Highly juicy fruits, due to irrigation management and balanced nutritional management.
  • GAP GLOBAL Certification, we meet the standards of Good Agricultural Practices at the level of the entire production process.
  • Tahiti Lime available in boxes of 4.5 kg (10 lb), 18 kg (40 lb), 24 kg (53 lb).

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