• Agreement with GORESAM

Integrating farmers into our production chain

It is an ambitious project that has been executed in the San Martin-Peru region. This dream has come true since February 2018, beginning with the signing of an agreement for the production of TAHITI LIME, between Industrias Agroforestales CasaBlanca S.A.C. and the Regional Government of San Martín with the purpose of incorporating thousands of farmers from across the region to the project, in this way it is estimated to take advantage during the next ten years, as much as possible of the 77,000 hectares of suitable land for citrus farming within area.

This project will have an important effect on the socio-economic improvement of the inhabitants of the region.

The sowing of TAHITI LIME, will allow our farmer-partners to replace their Valencia orange, rice and corn crops, which do not meet the necessary qualities for export, so they have to be sold locally at very low prices.

We aspire to make the macro region of the Peruvian jungle the largest producer and exporter of TAHITI LIMES in the world